Studio Tomo in Nara

Studio Tomo began making dolls about 29 years ago, and is now know to a growing number of admires both in Japan and abroad. People acquire Tomo dolls for a variety of reasons: to give as birthday presents, to display during the traditional Doll festivals, to give to their children or grandchildren, to commemorate an important family event, or just for their own enjoyment.

The studio is located in a quiet residential district of Nara. Studio has separate rooms for making the dolls' heads and body parts, and other kinds of work.The garden was filled with flowers in bloom, small children were playing, cats and dogs lay sprawled out, dozing in the shade. It was a place where family life and work had become one, and while it seemed like a scene from the past, there was something very fresh about this delightful mixture of old and new.

1-3-15 Tomigaoka

Tel. +81 (0)742 49 6028
Open:Mon, Wed, Fri 9am-4pm
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Gallery Ningyo Tomo in Kyoto

At present, Studio Tomo maintains two galleries, both called “Ningyo-Tomo,” one in Kyoto and the other is in Studio in Nara. The Kyoto gallery is located on the first floor of an original Taisho-era building at Tominokoji on Sanjyo Avenue, an area with many Meiji and Taisho-era western style buildings. Both have a relaxed ambiance where both the people and space seem to welcome the visitor. The whole range of Tomo dolls, always on display, overwhelms the visitor. There are about ninety dolls, each with differently patterned individual costumes,each with slightly different faces, expressions and postures. Precisely because each one is unique one-off, they all seem equally valuable and equally irreplaceable. Yet there is bound to be one that attract your attention and ask to be taken home…

1st floor SACRA building
Sanjyo Tominokoji Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto JAPAN 604-8083

Tel. +81 (0)75 211 5914
Open:11am-6pm/Close on Wednesday
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